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Our philosophy

Babassu Soaps was founded in 2019 with the mission to offer natural organic cosmetics with ingredients from responsible resources. We use only the highest quality ingredients and do not compromise.

Beyond the product, we provide the information you need to help you change your consumption habits. With the tools in hand to make your own informed choices, we have the ambition that it will be for the good of your health! We have got the environment covered too! Our formulas are free from any icky petroleum-based ingredients or harmful chemicals, because we think it's just plain wrong to waste precious resources down the drain. Safety for all, people and planet alike!

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Our story

Stand Berlin market 2022

Jeremy here, amateur soapmaker! Originally from the north of France, I moved to Germany after my studies and have been living in Berlin since 2016.

While the soaps are maturing - this process can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a full year, depending on the recipe - I go about my normal activities. This includes my 9-to-5 job (chemical compliance in the fashion industry), guitar, video/boarding games, badminton... or constantly trying out new recipes!

How did it all begin...

The idea to create my own soaps originally came from the experience of dry skin after using shower gel on my face. Why do we need different products for the body and face?

If you look closely at the ingredient lists, it's sometimes scary when you don't understand much... But even more so when you understand them!

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Berlin sunset

From Berlin with love

I wanted to understand the possible alternatives to shower gel and quickly became addicted to "Savon de Marseille" (or as some soaps were traditionally made) sold at my local artisan market in Berlin.

I was very pleased with the results, but my favorite vendor stopped showing up! Having never been better served than by you, I decided to give it a try and make my own soaps. First for myself, but after giving some away to friends and relatives, I got very positive feedback. So the idea was born to make it more than a hobby.

Making it right the first time


Thanks to my chemistry studies, I have a good understand of natural soap making basics. But more studies were needed on the different oils and the properties of the natural additives to complete this understanding. The accumulated knowledge makes my approach to soapmaking methodical, but also challenging: to predict the properties of the finished soap before it is made.

I learn every day and bring theory and practice closer and closer together.

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