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We come in different themes and flavors

The Frenchies

The creation of these soaps have been inspired by the artistic work of famous French personalities. Music, cinema, paintings, politics... Their names are Louis, Édith, Amélie, Aimé, Alizée, Henri.

Natural soap Edith
Amelie babassu soaps
Louis babassu soaps
Natural soap Aimé
natural soap Henri
Alizee solo

Single oil soap

Olive Love is a soap uniquely made out of olive oil is also called "Castile soap", and takes up to one year to get to maturation. It is a all time best-seller since half a millennia since it was introduced in Europe. Its particularity are that it produces a very moisturizing cream but practically no foam. 


The One is a soap recipe using only babassu oil has ben formulated and here the foam is au rendezvous! Consider it as a premium soap as babassu oil remains today expensive. In opposite to coconut oil, which is much more affordable but being victim of its success, it has become unsustainable. This is why we have chosen not to use coconut oil (also palm oil) in our products formulation.


Olive Love
The One

Scented with essential oils

These soaps get their scent only from a mix of a selection of essentials oils.

Scented with fragrance oils

Certain persons are allergic to some natural components of essential oils like linalool, limonene, citronellol… If you have known sensitive skin to allergens, either fragrance oils or unscented soaps are particularly made for you. Aimé, for example get its scent from perfumes specially formulated for cold process soaps and are allergen free. 

Aimé natural soap

Naked soaps

Because the natural color of our selections of oils can also be beautiful on their own. Olive Love gets its color only from the olive oil. The One is a perfect example of what a naked soap as it also contain no fragrance.

Olive Love
The One Naturseife

Regardless of the option you have chosen, you receive the product card information for each kind of soap ordered (legal information as well as the list of ingredients explained). Example with Louis :

babassu soap packaging information ingredients INCI legal explanation transparency
Louis french soap babassu natural soap

more information about our soap quality attributes

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